Nalysis of Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle (a comic book)

This essay requires the writer to write a critical response. Please follow ALL the directions carefully. There are two pages of directions in this document.


1. read the text(s) [listed below] and view the links [links listed below] closely and discuss them critically.
2. pick one theme or aspect or item of interest and examine how this theme or aspect or interesting item appears or evolves throughout all the readings and the videos. This aspect or interesting item or theme may be either similar or different throughout the readings.
3. discuss how the actual drawings or illustrations of the book [Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle (a comic book)] reflect the theme or item of interest.
4. present an argument about ita this is the thesis of the essaya state it in the introduction and structure the analysis around it
5. analyze (not summarize or paraphrase) the text(s), using specific examples from the text(s) to support your point [support using MLA in-text citations]
6. address both textual and visual elements, and the connections between them
7. put your voice in the foreground and rely on secondary sources only as a support for your opinion. In other words use secondary sources to support your points, instead of letting other peopleas voice take the lead.

The essay must
1. essay should show that careful reading,
2. critical thinking
3. analytical writing

1. state a clear topic in the introduction and structure your analysis around it
2. logical organization
3. smooth flow

1. avoid usage of passive voice
2. include clear connections between paragraphs
3. pay attention to grammar
4. pay attention to the cohesion of the essay

1. include works cited at the end in MLA format
2. include in-text citations using MLA format

Reading text(s)
[Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle (a comic book)]
I do not actually have this book as a soft cover and cannot email it to you but I think that you can read it online and view its images online, softcover editions are available. I do not have the exact links. HOWEVER, if for some reason you are not able to read this book or view its images online, find images of the books and book reviews and include those in your analysis.