Nalysis of capital structure of Saudi listed companies and the impact of tax/Zakat on capital structure.

I attached my proposal and the Literature Review of my dissertation.

The requirements are:
Answer the first question that illustrated Research Objectives and Questions section which is:
Q1: In Saudi Arabia listed companies:
What is the impact of debt / equity on?
” Profitability.
” Share price.
Confirm the previous question on:
- High gearing.
- Model gearing.
- Low gearing.

And what is the best between the 3(High gearing Model gearing Low gearing)?? by doing the:
1-methodology which contain the type of information (quantitive or qualitative) and give a brief explanation of the type information I used. Write about the secondary data.
What (information/data) I will use and from where I get it and why I choose this information or data.

2result: just a table of the result and brief explanation of the result.

3analysis: analysis of the result. And make sure its liked to the Literature Review that I attached.
Harvard system.