Nalysis of CaseSelection of a Pressure Vessel Manufacturer”

I will upload to you the file named Oceanics, it is a case Selection of a Pressure Vessel Manufacturer”

Read the case and Write a case report according to the guidelines in the syllabus (4+ pages). In the course of your report, answer the questions at the end of the case. Before you answer those, however, you should do some sort of overview in which you identify the key pieces of information in the case. It is extremely important that you use this overview information to identify the criteria that you will use to make the final recommendation and to highlight the evidence that will support that recommendation.

-Give a brief summary of the key facts(overview, key pieces of facts) on the case.
-Please meet fully the expectation of the 5 questions, you may add more.
-Use of Business Supply Chain Management keyterms are encourage.

The text if you need it is Purchasing & Supply Chain Management, Monczka|Trent|Handfield| ”

I need a 94/100 for this paper to pull my grade. Please do your best.
Thank You.