Nalysis of Chinas role and impact in Latin America with emphasis on Peru

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Requirement # 2

Complete a 13 pages term paper based on the submitted and approved outline


Chinai??s relationship with Latin American countries has intensified over the past decade, due mostly to Chinai??s interest in the region as a provider of raw materials and a consumer of its products, and to Latin Americai??s interest in Chinai??s as an actual and potential economic investor and a market for the regioni??s products. In the last decade trade relations between Peru and China have had uneven impact in the area of industrial development. China is Perui??s second largest trade partner while in Chinai??s economy; Peru does not represent a significant number for economic relations.

Conduct an analysis of Chinai??s role and impact in Latin America with emphasis on Peru. Look to identify patterns of economic exchange between China and Latin America that seems to suit a binary division between commodity exporting peripheries and a potent manufacturing center. Evaluate Chinai??s impact on the regioni??s focusing on Peru industrial development. Look into explaining the political economy of Chinai??s relations with Peru from the point of view that Peru is the provider of commodities and China the center of manufacture and how this relationship is insufficient to explain the different ways in which power is embedded in the international economic system and specially inadequate to identify winners and losers in the international division of labor.

Analyze the Peru case of Economic Reform which under traditional arguments of political economy cannot explain the extent and pace of the Peruvian market-oriented reform that took place during the 1990s and the unprecedented evident public support that was there before the 1990 for implementation of the mentioned reform. Also look into the free trade deals that Peru has with the United States and the emerging markets from Peru.

Areas in which to focus the paper: (Feel free to add additional areas that will address the requirement)

i?? Trade
i?? Dependency Perspectives
i?? National and International Development
i?? Foreign Investment for Development
i?? Market Reform Strategies

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Focus on International Political Economy

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