Nalysis of Chinese Foreign Currency Reserve

(1) Choose a news article related to macroeconomics issues. The assignment should focus on the concepts discussed throughout the course. You will then use other related articles to support your analysis.

(2) Identify some of the macroeconomic concepts and issues the news article covers. Then make a decision whether you will address all the issues or address some of them only. You donat need to address ALL the issues, but you will have to decide which issues are appropriate for the case and be able to justify the reason for addressing them. You will need to use some economic concepts to analysis the situation described in the news story.

(4) The case study should be in a REPORT FORMAT with proper section headings and appendices. For example, Introduction, a few headings related to the analysis, and conclusion.

(5) Word Count: Suggested length is 1000 (+/100) words a it should be plenty.

(6) DO NOT Forget (Chicago style) including Table of Content, References & Resources, and Bibliography.

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