Nalysis of Condorcet, de Gouges, and Mills articles

Condorcet, de Gouges, and Mill each advanced arguments on behalf of womenas equality. Critically analyze their approaches and conclusions. On what grounds does each
writer make his or her claim? Are there strengths or weaknesses in their arguments or the evidence they present?

You should attempt to organize your discussion of these writers thematically, to the extent that such comparisons or contrasts can be made. For example, if two or more of the authors make
the same or similar points, you should engage in a critical discussion of their thoughts on that particular issue, explaining the strength or weaknesses of their arguments and

Papers will be graded for strength of argumentation, organization, knowledge of
concepts and material, use of evidence, and prose (grammar, spelling and style).

You must consult the assigned texts. You should use ample amounts of properly-cited
evidence (short quotations and paraphrasing) from the assigned texts. In the end, such
evidence (and not anything from additional secondary works) is the only evidence that
counts towards your grade.All quotations of key words and phrases and any material that you paraphrase
should be cited parenthetically, according to the a?author-datea? system, e.g.,
(Condorcet 1790, 156) or (Mill 1869, 475). All a?Works Citeda? should then be
listed on a separate page at the end of your paper. If in doubt about how to employ
this system of citation correctly, consult the Chicago Manual of Style. This is
especially important if you are using a version of Millas book other than the one
assigned. If you are using a Kindle or Nook version of Mill that does not have
specific pagination, please provide the paragraph numbers of the chapter in your
parenthetical citations.