Nalysis of Earthwear financial statement audit.

I need an APA paper on the analysis of Earthwear Clothiers audit results. It will require the following:
1. Written Presentation to the a?Board of Directorsa? in APA.
2. Discussion on 6 financial ratio analysisa (financials and completed ratios will be provided)
3. Discussion on the root issues of market share, customer satisfaction, desirable/popular product lines, and corporate viability must be addressed.
4. Discussion on management concepts of market share, customer satisfaction, popular product lines, and corporate viability must be addressed with possible solutions presented to resolve the existing issues.
5. Strategic Planning must be addressed. Such as trends, income, expense, earning per share, and other significant items as deemed appropriate.
6. Forecast of future issues and discuss initiatives to:
Protect and gain market share
Improve customer satisfaction
Expand product lines
Strategic planning, i.e., 5 year plan
Other appropriate items to support board strategic decisions
7. Conclusion provide a summary of Earthwear Clothiers operations and strategic plans to maintain corporate viability.
Numbers 2-6 can be written in whatever order makes the paper flow the best.