Nalysis of Ernest Hemingways short story Soldiers Home

I need an analysis of Ernest Hemingways short story Soldiers Home.

paragraph structure with topic sentences (to ensure you will make your points in logical order) and indicating what, specifically, you will argue about the evidence you will present in each paragraph. The primary source ex.( Hemingway 123) must be quoted at least twice in each section of my research paper and a secondary source must be quoted or paraphrased at least once in each section.

i need characters analyzed ( Harold krebs, Mrs. Krebs,MR. Krebs , Helen Krebs ), symbolism analyzed, and setting analyzed.

Works Cited is an alphabetical list (by authoras last name) of the sources that you cite in your paper. the research paper must use at least five secondary sources (from books of criticism or literary journals; no reference sets are allowed). You must also include the primary source (the short story) in your Works Cited.

can you send the journals and books of critcism that you use to get the quotes out of that you site in my paper.