Nalysis of financial performance for Home Retail Group Company

Please use specific vocabulary and vocabulary for financial.

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Please use information from my CW1 to analysis this CW.

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Analysis Homebase

Introduction (approximately 100 words)

1. Identify the vision and strategy of either
the entire organisation or
one unit of the organisation, or
one major long-term financial and strategic investment that the company is
involved with.

– (All of topic 1. Please write approximately 150-180 words)
1.1 Vision
1.2 Strategy

2. Using published information and material from Coursework 1, prepare a Balanced
Scorecard suitable for use by the directors and managers of your organisation to
align business activities to the identified vision and strategy, and to monitor
performance against strategic goals.
– Please add information on the tables
– Do not explain the information under the tables
– In this part, only draw and analysis on the tables

3. Build a strategy map to describe and explain how each aspect of the scorecard
can assist your company in achieving its goals and targets.
– Draw a strategy Map (Do not feel tempted to copy a Strategy Map from the internet, the task is that you develop the Strategy Map yourself based on your own Balanced Scorecard.)
– Please analysis strategy map approximately 150-180 words

4. Summarise your recommendations to the Board.
(All of topic 4. Please write approximately 800 words)
Briefly discuss the strategy map, specific discuss the gaps between strategy and strategy map, 4-5 recommendations.

5. Critically discuss and evaluate, with reference to your particular case, the use of
balanced Scorecards for performance management and monitoring.
– (All of topic 5. Please write approximately 1,200words)
– Discuss the Balanced Scorecard in detail.

6. Provide a meaningful Executive Summary of approximately 200 words at the
beginning of your report.
Please open my attach files, they are very important.