Nalysis of general trends in global work context

Analysis of trends in the global workplace and the effect of these trends on particular groups [A literature review and thematic discussion)

A discussion and analysis of the general trends evident in the global work context. In considering these trends, comment critically on groups and/or individuals who might experience disadvantage in this new work context.

You will need to consider (among other issues): (a) the key trends/issues impacting on the world of work and organisations today; (b) the disadvantaged individual/group you wish to focus your discussion on (what is the nature of the disadvantage? why are they disadvantaged?); (c) how is this disadvantage experienced in the work context?? (d) what is the impact of the trends/issues identified in (a) with respect to the individuals/groups chosen as your focus?

It is essential that you link your ideas not only to the course readings, but wider readings relevant to your chosen focus. Remember this assignment is of the literature review genre as such, you must demonstrate critical engagement with relevant literature and use this literature to illustrate/support etc your arguments.

[Some examples of disadvantaged groups might include, but are not limited to: women, youth, older workers, religious or cultural minorities, working poor, individuals with a disability or illness, recent immigrants, those with English as a second language, and so on.]

You should include a short commentary to conclude you paper as to some of the implications for leaders, and for leadership generally, resulting from the key points from your discussion.