Nalysis of Homeschooling verses public schooling

One of the sources must be from our text, and I will be glad to give you access from my online book. So, I just need 3 other sources referenced.

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Project Requirements

To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements.

* Length requirement: 4-5 pages
* Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
* Resources: A complete list of references, including books, Web sites, articles, and other resources is included.
* APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (5th Edition) Style and Formatting.
* Font and font size: Arial, 10 point.

Description of Project

For your final course project, write a paper that addresses and analyzes a social controversy of your choosing. Identify and discuss aspects of the controversy, as outlined in the sections below. Use the criteria presented in the scoring guide as guidelines for the core content expected of your paper.
Problem Definition

Begin by defining the problem of interest, using appropriate concepts to present the history, or an overview, of the issue. This should be supported with valid academic resources that demonstrate the extent of this topic, or outline its important elements. Contrast your findings with current presentations of this issue in the popular media, to indicate how cultural understandings may or may not always reflect academic or researched patterns and trends. Consider the following when creating this section:

* What are the basic concepts needed to understand this problem? This is the place to present vocabulary, as well as a brief history of this condition as a social problem.
* How have perceptions of this condition as a problem changed over time, or has it always been seen as a social problem?
* Are there laws or cultural norms that your audience will need to know?
* What is the extent of the problem? Include some statistics here.
* Whom does it affect?
* What is the cost of the issue to society? In other words, why should your audience care about this issue?
* Identify two other social institutions that your topic affects.

Remember, most of us have opinions on these issuesa strong opinions in some cases. In sociology, that personal opinion is not relevant to an objective discussion of any social phenomena. Part of your grade depends on your ability to be both fair and objective in presenting both sides of the issue. Do your best to present both sides, and save your evaluations for the summary section of the paper.
Discussion of Resources

In the problem definition section of your paper, include discussion of the resources you will use to support your project. You are required to provide a minimum of four resources in your final project. You may use the resources you researched for the topic proposal, if they are still relevant to your project. Be sure to include both scholarly and popular resources.
Scholarly Resources

The problem definition should include discussion of at least three resources based in scholarly research. These can include some or all of the resources you researched for the topic proposal. These resources should be from reliable sources, such as academic journals. Remember, these scholarly resources should explicitly address the pertinent aspect of your chosen topic. Observe the following requirements for the scholarly resources:

* At least two of the scholarly resources should be grounded in statistical data. Your statistical information must be from a credible source that you can be reasonably sure uses scientific, random sampling. Otherwise, the numbers are meaningless.
* You may use some resources from the literature provided in this course, but at least one of your scholarly resources must be a non-course resource.
* For each of your resources, briefly present the authoras point or findings.
* These resources should not necessarily be summarized, but used to add depth to the readeras understanding of the problem, as the authors present it.
* Make sure you collect all of the information you will need to create a full APA citation for each resource. This citation will be included in the bibliography section of the paper.

Popular Media Resource

The problem definition should also include discussion of at least two popular media resources. These can include some or all of the resources you researched for the topic proposal. Again, this should be two recent resources that explicitly address the same pertinent aspect of your chosen topic that your scholarly sources address. The resources can be a blog, an editorial, an article in Time magazine, or the like. Remember, your goal is to evaluate whether the popular media is accurately portraying the issue you have chosen compared to the portrayal of the issue by the scholarly resources. Does popular media, as represented by your source, contribute to the perception of this condition as a social problem? If so, how? Observing the following requirements for your popular media source:

* Include a minimum of two recent resources from the popular media.
* Present the authoras point, or the conclusions he or she has drawn.
* Make sure you collect all of the information you will need to create a full APA citation for each resource. This citation will be included in the bibliography section of the paper.

Ideologies and Cultural Patterns

Build your project paper further by discussing current ideologies and cultural patterns that contribute to your chosen issue, and how it is perceived, generally. Consider the following questions when creating this section:

* What cultural values or beliefs in the society of the United States contribute to this being seen as a problem? These must be widespread beliefsa not necessarily your own, but they can be based on your perception of U.S. values and beliefs. Provide supporting examples of these values and beliefs. For example, in the U.S., poverty is sometimes not seen as a social problem, because some feel that those who work deserve more than those who do not. Others consider poverty to be caused by an unjust social and economic system. (Your analysis should be longer and more developed than this example.)
* For your topic, what is at stake here? What ideologies are in conflict, regarding this problem?
* For those who favor the status quo, what is their point of view?
* For those who favor change, how do they see the problem?

Theoretical Explanations

In order to better understand this issue in an objective manner, you should apply a sociological perspective. Demonstrate your understanding of this problem by applying functional, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction perspectives. Use these perspectives to demonstrate shared and divergent explanations for this issue and potential responses to it. Consider the following questions when creating this section:

* How would each of these perspectives view or negotiate this problem?
* According to each perspective, why is this considered a problem?
* What social arrangements contribute to the existence of the problem, according to each perspective?

Solving the Problem and Policy Issues

Provide a critique of current social policies intended to solve this issue. Indicate whether you think these solutions will address this issue, or if you see weaknesses in them. You may take one of two approaches in this section:
Approach 1

Present solutions that could be implemented.

Consider the following questions:

* Is there a solution to your problem? What is it?
* What things must be considered in solving this problem?
* What are the cultural ramifications of such a solution? In other words, will the U.S. buy it, culturally? Why or why not? For an example of this approach, let us return