Nalysis of Honduras Political, Governmental and Economial System

Must use Scholarly Sources
Essay must cover below topics:
1.Honduras History/Economy
2.Honduras strength and weaknesses of electoral and governmental system
3.Differentiate from Democracy and other political systems
4.Honduras regime type and transitions
5.Honduras stability of its politics
6.Honduras major political transformation and social cleavages (division of voters into voting blocs)
7. What type of foreign policy; Pragmatic Foreign Policy versus Ideological Foreign Policy analysis
8. Honduras prospects for the future in terms of domestic political and economic stability and progress (Must cite an International Relation/Comparative theory or model, and define how you understand and intend to use your key terms).

Double-spaced in Times Roman,12-pt. font with one-inch margins all around the page. Do not include the title page in the page count. Ensure English United States.

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Please update per following:

common elements for each country to identify major ways in which the countries in the i??pooli?? of your groupi??s presentation differ and are similar on i??secondaryi?? or case variables.

Some of these secondary variables would include the basic regime type (authoritarian vs. democratic perhaps using the i??Freedom Housei?? scores); the fundamental political structure (parliamentary vs. presidential or hybrid) and if that structure is the result of a written constitution, i??pactsi?? or other types of written agreements or rather oral understandings; the number, composition and relevant size/strength of major political parties; class size, composition and alignments; the countryi??s GDP and QLPI rating; the nature post WWII Labor-Capital relations and record of violence and stability (revolutions, guerilla/SSC/LIC).

Use of graphical material (charts, tables, graphs) can help simplify some of this chronology and data and show trends.