Nalysis of Ideology in a Chosen Film Girl, Interrupted (James Mangold, 1999)

You may chose one or more of the cultural diversity to examine(please do not choose more than 3): race, class, gender (feminity/masculinity/amdrogyny), sexuality(queer identities). When looking at your chosen elements please consider how your film represents, constructs, or deconstructs those elements, what the film says/does not say about them, and if you choose more than one how these elements interact and connect with one another. You will need to come up with a thesis statement that reflects what your analysis examines, as well as incorporate other topics from film studies such as genre, auteur, cinematography, editing in order to produce a cohesive examination of the film you choose.

This assignment is not about sumarzing the film nor descrbing the scene shot by shot. You should assume that your reader is familiary with the film. However, you may use a paragraph to briefly describe the film