Nalysis of Interpersonal Relationship Development

1. First, read pp. 290-295 in your textbook about the stages of interpersonal relationships.aZ
aZ2. Choose a relationship that youave had in the past to discuss that was close, either a friendship aZor romantic relationship, which eventually came to an end.
aZ3. For each stage, write about:
aZ(a) a definition of the stage (define it from the textbook, with quotes and page aZnumber to cite your aZsource), aZ
aZ(b) how you know you entered into this stage (What was said? What was done?),
aZ(c) give examples of the relational talk and activities that were typical of your communication in aZthat stage,
aZ(d) include other relevant information on relational development as appropriate (bringing in aZconcepts from your book, with quotes and page numbers), and aZ
aZ(e) include any specific turning points in that stage and as you moved to the next stage, including aZexamples of the communication that happened (Turning pointsis defined in your textbook).
aZ4. Then repeat step 3 for each stage, with the understanding that you do not need to discuss the aZstages in a linear order. Instead, discuss them in the order that they occurred in real life.aZ
aZ5. After youve written the body paragraphs above (steps 3, 4, and 5), add an introduction aZaZparagraph introducing your topic, providing a thesis statement, and previewing (stating) your main points. Also add a aZconcluding aZparagraph summarizing your paper and stating what you have learned from aZwriting this aZreflection/application paper.