Nalysis of Jack Wills entering the market in France

It is a group coursework about choosing a best market for Jack Wills to enter. There are 4 countries.(France, Poland, Turkey and Morocco) I do think that France is the best choice for Jack Wills to enter. So please write it in a positive way when considering possible reasons. State as many reasons and advantages as possible in order to make France to become the best choice.(some obvious disadvantages in France is needed as well)

1.Theories: “5 porter forcesand PESTEL”.
2.Explain the process of Country selection and justify the choice of variables and methodology you used to compare countries. Use relevant theory from academic sources, but also consider the relevance to the case company.(Jack Wills)
3.Clearly discuss and critically analyze the data on France considering the implications of your findings for the case company.
4.Ensure all sources of data are clearly cited and correctly referenced using Harvard referencing.
5.Writing aims: Demonstrate a critical understanding of the key principles and theories underpinning the practice of international marketing.Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the influences on buying behavior in an international context. Critically analyze international market research and practice to various markets. Critically apply marketing theories and tools in a range of different global marketing contexts.

Thank you for your hard work^ ^