DUE DATE: Wednesday, February 12, 12:30 pm
First, find a job announcement/description related to a possible career of interest. It does not necessarily need to be a posted vacancy, but it must list the responsibilities of and qualifications for the position. For the purposes of this assignment, you CANNOT choose any of the following:
a? Internships
a? Positions that do not require a 4-year college degree: Since you are seeking a college
degree, choose a position that requires one. You may choose a position that requires a
graduate or professional degree, but thatas optional.
a? Positions for college instructors/professors a While you may genuinely be interested in an
academic career, a goal of this assignment is to spark your imaginations about the applications of our majors outside of academia.
There are many possible sources of job announcements/descriptions. I encourage you to check out the resources provided by the WVU Career Services Center:
students/work_it/job-search-process )
Here you can register for free resources available through MountaineerTRAK and Careershift. This is entirely optional a you may utilize other job search resources or go directly to websites of employers of interest.
Next, type a 1-2 page paper (double-spaced) that addresses the following:
a? Briefly describe the position and identify the kinds of knowledge, skills, and experiences that are recommended or required.
a? Describe or provide an example of how you think studying sociology, anthropology, or criminology could help prepare you in relation to those knowledge/skill sets. Do not merely say that you will be qualified because you are seeking one of the recommended degrees or that the program will teach you a?everything you need to knowa? a be more specific.
a? Identify at least one thing you could do beyond your coursework to help prepare you. Submit your response (including the link to the job announcement/description) in
a? You may use the text submission box or attach your paper. Attachments must be in a Wordcompatible or PDF format.
a? If you have any kind of technical problems with E-CAMPUS, then email me your assignment by the deadline or provide me a hard copy in class that day.