Nalysis of Lac-Megantic rail disaster Health and Safety Risk Environment

This assignment is very strict on wordcount and therefore must be concise.
Please be critical and analytic. Just making statement of fact will get few marks. You need to discuss what these facts mean and extract greater more generic truths from them

Analysis of Lac-Megantic rail disaster

part a) Identify and examine the root causes of the incident by construction of a timeline (for example time, event and effect in table formunless you have a better way)

part b) Identify what analysis could or should have been performed before hand to identify the risks and suggest mitigations, damage limitation or avoidance strategies.

Part B is where the marks will be awarded. So to help in summary: (guidelines are as follows)
1. what analysis should have been performed during the event to prevent and (please include) where in the time lines the preventative barriers would be

2. how the root causes could have been discovered from analysis prior

3. recommendations for mitigation and how does human error reduce?

important: this assignment must show a high level of understanding of the accident in order to propose mitigation strategies that should or could have been implemented to prevent.

side note: Please let me know if you have any worries
wordcount: 2000 not including references. Please dont go any lower than 2000