Nalysis of Lenovo Foreign Direct Investment in the United States via IBM

Hi i need to do a report for my international business class. We are looking at the company Lenovo and how they expanded to the United States using Foreign Direct Investment via IBM.

These are the actual assignment details:
The term project is a group project. The number of students in each group will be determined based on the total number of students in the class, up to a maximum of 5 students per group. The purpose of the term project is to give students an
opportunity to apply and enhance their knowledge of international business through a real-world case study. Therefore, the project involves the in-depth examination of one firm that entered one foreign country for the first time via foreign direct
investment or a joint venture in the last 10 years. FDI implies that the firm takes some ownership stake in the foreign affiliate (at least 25 percent ownership for the purposes of this paper). Licensing and franchising are NOT appropriate for this paper. Choose a Canadian or foreign firm and critically evaluate or analyze the firms FDI. When writing the paper, make sure you include the following items in your analysis:

6) A Description of the actual market entry
This is the section that i need to do.
For this section i think i need to show how Lenovo entered they US market ( approx. year 2005) and what strategies and techniques they used.