Nalysis of Madeleine Leiningers Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality

Components of the Nursing Theory
question # 1. what are the statements/propositions of the theory?
question # 2. what are the assumptions of the theory

Questions for Analysis
what is the historical evolution of the nursing theory?
who founded the theory?
what was occurring in the historical milieu?
what has been written or discussed regarding the theory in recent years?
what approach to development of nursing knowledge does the theory exemplify?
upon what non-nursing assumptions was the nursing theory?
how are nursings four metaparadigm concepts explicated in the theory?
a. how is person defined and described?
b. how is environment defined and described?
c. how is health defined? how are wellness and illness differentiated?
d. how is nursing defined? what is the goal of nursing?
e. how is the nursing process decribed?
If concepts are present that are not metaparadigm concepts, what are they? how are they defined? how do they relate to other concepts within the theory?
what statements are made about the relationships among the concepts in the theory?

in summary, what are the 5-10 main Bullet pointsof the model?
from your clinical setting, select a client scenario. discuss the implications for practice using the conceptual theory in relation to the experience with the client.

Presentation Skills
organization/flow/ powerpoint presentation (readability)

please make sure it is a10-15 slide power point presentation, all questions answered, will needed by 10-09-2011, no later. please use Rose Kearney-Nunnery Advancing your Career, concepts of professional nursing as one of the references or work cited.