Nalysis of Management base off of the book Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson

The paper needs to be an analysis of managing change within the work place. How management is involved in dealing with change and problem solving. Describe the necessity of change within the workplace as well as how change can either help a company move to the next step or completely cripple them. Comparing different management approaches to dealing with change. Both the benefits and disadvantages. The key in this paper is showing how a certain management styles approach change and their result. The paper is NOT a book report or a summary on the book. The book is to be used as a tool to guide your paper. This paper is an analysis paper on managing change and the result, using the book as a guide. The book is to be referenced as well as other reputable sources that support what the book outlines. Focus on the how the approach the manager takes on managing change. Use proper grammar and spell check. Keep the passive language to a minimum. There should be NO a?I thinka? or a?in my opiniona? in the paper. Do not take up room by putting the papers title on each page. It is to be a minimum of 5 full pages in font 12, times new roman font, double spaced. Do not include headlines such as introduction or conclusion. Do not skip lines in between paragraphs, just indent. Include proper APA citations. Include a proper APA title page as well as reference page.