Nalysis of market and business environment of a new Thai restaurant in Brighton. ( 2000 words) business plan of the Thai restaurant. ( 2000 words)

this paper is a part of a dissertation in Hospitality management.
there are 2 part of the paper
1. Business environment 2000 words
4.0 introduction
4.1 analyse world scene of Ethnic restaurant Thai restaurants, and analyse its market and
business environment
4.2 analyse European Ethnic restaurant market and business environment Thai restaurant.
4.3 analyse Ethnic restaurant market and business environment of Thai restaurant in Brighton, UK.
i.e. exchange rate, eating out market and trend.
summary of this part.

2. Business plan ( this is not about management, but finance.)2000 words
6.0 introduction
6.1 calculate 1 year of income and outcome for the new Thai restaurant. please attach excel file.
( vat to pay in a year, cost for labor, etc.)

* word not be count in table and figure, please add to make it more clearer.