Nalysis of Micorosoft and Strategic Management Phase 2 and 3

Phase 1 was already completed and I will attach it as a reference

Phase II (Modules 4-6)
Entire Phase I report with modifications based on the instructors feedback
Current strategy
Possible alternatives
SWOT matrix
BCG matrix
Space or other matrices
Description of core values you would use to create the desired culture
Evaluation of current
organizational structure
Recommendation changes (if needed) to the structure, processes, or rewards
Phase III (Modules 7-8)
Entire Phase I-II reports
with modifications based on the instructors feedback
Product Positioning Map
Evaluation of strategies and objectives to achieve most favorable market position
Description of how you would implement your strategies
Specific results you want to achieve including market, financial, and product or service goals
Financial projection (minimum three years)
Executive summary
The Strategic Case is an analysis of the firm selected by the student. The format of the report should
Description of the firm (brief history, critical strategic events, competitors, leadership, etc.). If
there are any general
situational assumptions or limitations on the scope of the analysis, these
should also be specified here. This section should be limited to a maximum of five pages. Note:
Some students may select a new business venture for a firm they would seriously consider
starting. For these students, this section will focus on a research based history, critical strategic
events, emerging competition, and industry leaders.
The strategic analysis of the firm. The results of each strategic tool are presented along with a
discussion of importance and implications. Also required are sections for financial analysis and
assumptions, although the specific contents of these sections may vary considerably. With
respect to assumptions, see point 6 under project tips.
Financial strategic assessment. This section should integrate the findings from all of the analytical
exercises employed in section 2. A final and all-encompassing analysis is presented, along with
the recommendations that you would make to the firmas board of director
s. This would include identifying what you would and would not do, and outlining any relevant alternate scenario plans or contingency plans. Be sure to address any potential competitive reaction.