Nalysis of Micorosoft and Strategic Management

Strategic Management Case
This capstone course will require each student to construct a detailed and well
thought analysis of a business employing all the relevant strategic analysis tools studied in the course. This project will take the full term to complete.

Phase 1:
Proposal and initial analysis

Description of the Microsoft (brief history, critical strategic events, competitors, leadership, etc.). If
there are any general situational assumptions or limitations on the scope of the analysis, these
should also be specified here. This section should be limited to a maximum of five pages. Note:
Some students may select a new business venture for a firm they would seriously consider
starting. For these students, this section will focus on a research based history, critical strategic events, merging competition and industry leaders.

This paper must include the following!!!

Phase I (Modules 1

Outline for Strategic Management Case
Company history
Vision and mission statement
Strategic elements of the history
Assessment of mission and vision
Analysis of competitive position, opportunities, and threats
Financial Ratio Analysis

5 References as well. Uploaded a previous document that were missing the specific requirements above. Can you please modify this document to include the items from above.