Nalysis of news presentation of academic research

he purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the differences between scholarly research, including QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHODS, and news media presentations of academic research.
Write a 1,000 word (+/10%) critical reflection comparing/contrasting the research as presented in the PEER REVIEWED ARTICLE and how it has been interpreted and represented in the news article. Argue whether or not the research has been represented accurately, objectively and in a balanced manner in the news article. Discuss whether qualitative and quantitative research methods were used and whether this is represented in the newspaper or magazine article.
Examine whether there are dominant (hegemonic) narratives or ideologies present in the news article representation of the academic research and/or particularly news frames evident and critical reflect upon the presence/use of these.

Assignments will be marked using the following criteria, weighted equally:
1. Demonstrates an understanding of the difference between scholarly and news media representations of academic research.
2. Demonstrates an understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methods used by the academic research article.
3. Analyses news media text using news framing, narrative, ideology and/or hegemony.
4. Clear, concise and comprehensible written expression appropriate for university level and an academic audience.
5. Adherence to Harvard or APA referencing, number and strength of References and word count met.