Nalysis of Newspaper Articles and Contact State Representative or Social Policy and Federal Representative (C).

A. Interview and Community Directory

Part 1. For the first part of the project, you will interview someone from an agency that provides services or treatment for an issue of family violence that is covered in the course. The focus of your questions should be on finding out how family violence issues are handled at the agency. This should not be a quiz for the person you interview, if you can find the answer in the text then you do not need to ask that question. You may give the questions to the person prior to the interview so they can prepare for the discussion, if you so choose. You will be graded on the interview so submit it as a written assignment of 3 to 5 pages, double spaced and using 12 point font. This is best done as an attachment. Be sure to read part two of the project before you conduct the interview, as your work in part I will help you to complete the second part as well.

Part 2. Use the interview as a starting point to gather information for a Community Directory of services for victims and perpetrators of family violence.

At the beginning of the directory describe the type of family violence you selected to explore. Be sure to inform the user of the directory definitions, extent of the problem, and information that will help the user of the directory understand the problem. The purpose of the directory is to know the resources available in your community, or lack of them. Your Directory should include no fewer than 5 community resources, preferably more. You will be required to do more then copy names and phone numbers from the telephone book.

Here are some topics you should address when writing this part of the directory:

What are the kinds of problems a victim of this type of family violence might experience (legal, economic, social, emotional, medical, etc) and what resources will they need to help with these problems. These should be identified even if your community does not have the resources.
Describe how well you believe your community responds to the family violence problem. Discuss the availability or lack of these resources.
How does the agency that you did your interview at fit into the services system?
Does it make referrals to other agencies or do they receive referrals?
You should have the name of a contact person for each agency. This is where the person you interview will be helpful, by providing names of resource persons at the other agencies. Also find out the intake process and fees, if any, that are required.

Include the following information in your Directory:

Name, address, and telephone number
Description of the services provided e.g., support groups, legal advocacy, mental health services, shelter services, etc. Does the agency notify the community of services by using pamphlets, brochures, or newsletters?
Identify the eligibility requirements of obtaining services. Who does the agency serve, children or adults, victims, perpetrators or both. Is there a fee for the services? If there is a fee, does the agency offer a sliding fee scale?
The directory should have a cover page and table of contents page.

B. Analysis of Newspaper Articles and Contact State Representatives Office.

Part 1. This is a content research project that is conducted by analyzing a topic from Family Violence reported in the newspaper. You can investigate a Family Violence topic at the regional, national, or global level. The focus of content research is to examine the content of media reports looking for similarities, differences, and patterns that emerge. Support your analysis of the articles with information from journal articles or books that discuss the same or similar issues. Your bibliography should include at least 5 articles. The paper should be 3-5 pages in length.
A. On a regional level, it is more productive to search newspapers from a large city near you if you live in a rural area or a small community. For example, I would have to search the newspapers from the Capital District of New York State, Albany, Schenectady, and Troy to find a sufficient number of articles on one topic of Family Violence. As a minimum, collect five newspaper articles that reported on an issue of family violence. I used the ESC database New York State Library Resourcesand looking mainly at the Buffalo items, I found 18 articles for child abuse. I would then review the articles and choose the ones that provide a good description.

B. On a national level, using the ESC Library data base ProQuest I used the search terms murder, child abuse, and fathers and I found 492 full text items. By looking at the past twelve months I found seventy-five articles which is more manageable. Try to find a theme like step-fathers or mothers. I can also narrow my search by looking for articles about one gender of victim. Analyze your articles for information that is similar and contrasting.

C. To take a global look at a Family Violence issue, you may need to use your web browser and a search engine like Google. I entered child abuse and Palestine into a Google and received five articles. This may not be enough because one article was from Palestine, Texas. Your work will be more efficient if you find articles about the same topic, for example; child abuse, spouse abuse, child sexual abuse, or sexual abuse of women. Write a three to five page analysis of the articles identifying information that helps define the type of abuse (use the definitions from the text as a point of reference).

The focus of content research is to examine the content of media reports looking for similarities, differences, and patterns that emerge. Support your analysis of the articles with information from journal articles or books that discuss the same or similar issues. Include an Explanatory notes or brief summary for books or articles to be used for background or further reading (an annotated bibliography of the supporting articles). If you were not able to locate any supporting articles, include the bibliography of your search.

Part 2. Using the newspaper articles and information from your reading, you will prepare a statement to your legislator about the Family Violence topic. If your content research was conducted on the local level, prepare your statement for your State Representative; if the content research was conducted on a national level, then prepare the statement for your Congressional Representative. You may have to do your own legislative search by using WestLaw in the Empire State College library or the Internet (). You will have to do some additional background research on the extent of your family violence topic. Your text book provides some information but you will have a better statement if you use sources outside the text, for example the Bureau of Justice Statistics or one of the others in the Shared Resources section. Be sure to cite these sources in your statement because you are expected to use them and this research will be part of your grade. Your goal is to make the legislators aware of the issue. Do this in 3 to 5 pages, double spaced. Be sure to cite your sources and provide a reference list.

Must use as a reference 6th edition Family Violance legal, medical and Social perspectives by Harvey Wallace and Cliff Roberson