Nalysis of NordstromSec 10-K filing report

Access the most recent Sec 10-K filing for Nordstrom. Write a report analyzing the report. There should be sections 1. introduction(brief statement about the company, location and the name of the accounting firm that audited the financial statements), 2. Sales (including sales amount, COGS, gross profit, and gross profit rate) , 3. Inventory (should include inventory turnover and days in inventory), 4. Accounts receivable (should include accounts receivable turnover and the average collection rate), and 5. Conclusion (should be a financial analysis of the company). There should be headers for each section. This document should be single spaced, double spaced between paragraphs, one inch margins and two sources, one of which is the sec 10-K report (which should be listed in the bibliography with the link)