Nalysis of Pick three or more sayings of Confucius that discuss a common theme or topic

Your own reading of Confucius. Pick 3 or more sayings of Confucius that discuss a common theme or topic, and then develop your own analysis of what Confucius is trying to say and why he is trying to say that. I would rather read your own opinions about Confucius, and do your own interpretation of Confucius, supported with some research, than if you just write for me a general history of Confucian influence. This is a literature class, and in order to be successful, your research paper needs to focus on literary analysis. I hope these instructions are helpful.
the paper must be 6-7 pages long, typed, titled, paginated, and double-spaced, with a works cited page and internal documentation done in the MLA style. the works cited must contain at least five sources including 3 that were obtained from a college library or online database –these can be books or articles. Somewhere from 5-8 works in the works cited is best.
In general, the focus of your analysis should be on the interpretation of the literary work. The essay should not summarize too much or focus merely on the history of a work unless that has specific bearing on the interpretation of the selected literary work.