Nalysis of Price effects from the consumers perspective Case StudyThe Low Cost Airline Industry Ryanair

This is an MBA Disserrtation of 56 pages being paid 25 pages today and the rest tomorrow.
Dear writer, kindly read throughly the tutors remarks about the proposal and adhere strictly by them (attached).Please abandon the Law of Demand as a Framework and use insted Service Marketing as suggested.Also modify the questionnaire accordingly and include it in the final project. Please also separate the Literature Review from the Methodology section. Kindly include very good analysis but try to keep it simple, as much as you can.Please explain every step taken and highlight difficulties met as these will be surely noted by markers.Kindly also note that I do work in an airline/airport environment, but not in one that Ryanair flies from.I will very much appreciate if you contact me for any clarifications.I trust you can do me a good job.