Nalysis of Stock market Crises : Impact on the Economies

I have already a dissertation ( 778268) from you , from 27074. I would like the same or other writer to add 15 pages on CRITICAL review of CAUSES /IMPACT/ LESSONS from these crises, and make appropriate corrections to the rest of the paper.

Professors remarks: But the main part of your writing should become a critical review of causes/ impact/ lessons from these crises. You need to incorporate relevant theories and give your discussion much more weight. I would even consider reducing the number of crises you discuss to allow the space for the required depth of analysis….
… throughout you must reference direct quotations correctly, stating author, publication year and page number from which the quote is taken also it would be better not too rely so heavily on direct quotations
introduction: clearly state your research objectives and elaborate on your motivation for choosing this topic
literature review: needs much clearer organisation -you jump from one point to another without discussion/evaluation or explroring connections between them in depth; elaborate! compare & contrast in more detail, so far it remains just descriptive; you must support your claims with sources! (preferably academic papers)
references: provide page numbers for all journal articles and provide the exact URL for all working papers and other online materials

Referencing Requirements:
778268 assignement ordered on Dec 2012