Nalysis of Stock Option in Bristol Myers Squibb

I need to revise 2nd edition for my paper. Help me add three points about 450 words and editing my grammar and sentence structure throughout.
My requirements as follows,
I need to revise 2nd edition. Can you arrange to rewrite in 3 days for me? and tell me the price.
the requirement as follows,
1. Add in Page 13(marked in my paper in red). When make conclusions like a?moral hazard is decreased and the proposition helps to increase market efficiencya? a explain WHY market efficiency is increased. About 150-200 words

2. Add in Page 5.Use your Scott textbook (and cite it) or other source to define terms like moral hazard. About 50 words

3. Page 9 a links and misleading financial statements, outline and talk about how that affects investors and the market. About 150-200 words

4.Editing and proofreading: watch the grammar and sentence structure throughout a had a hard time understanding exactly what the meant in certain parts.

5. Your works cited should be in alphabetical order by author.
Remember that any research evidence or quotes included should have the purpose of demonstrating a point or supporting an argument. Do not quote references for no reason.

6.Editing: MOST IMPORTANT: Relate your topic to accounting theory topics such as information asymmetry, relevance, reliability and decision-usefulness.

I attached my paper, please rewrite base on my paper. I will attach my paper to you.