Nalysis of Strategic management and the position of Dialog Axiata PLC Sri Lanka


Produce an academic/ research document with maximum 2000 words by following academically accepted report structure, formatting guidelines and writing style covering the following on Dialog Axiata PLC a Sri Lanka (our-values)

1. Critically analyze the strategic position of the organization and recommend the best strategic approach the organization can adapt into in order to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

2. Critically evaluate the current strategic management positions in the selected organization and provide your own recommendations in terms of the role should be played by the leadership in order to implement an effective strategy.

3. Analyze the Management Information systems used by the organization and critically assess their relevance and importance to the organizationas strategic position.

The assessment will focus on the level of ANALYSIS carried out. That is, the application of THEORETICAL CONCEPTS studied in the module to the a?practicala situation of the selected organization. In other words, you should proceed beyond a DESCRIPTION of the company and its actions. You should be analyzing a?whya rather than describing a?whata.

Main Reference : Exploring Corporate Strategy (Jhonson & Scholes)