Nalysis of Tesco Christmas Advert 2014 Lights on

Marking Criteria
Argument and Structure (10 points) Is my choice of marketing communication artefact clearly identified?
Have I discussed the intended target audience? Is my argument in the essay clear? Is my language use
clear (grammatically and stylistically)? Am I using the right words? Is there a clear, logical structure
to my essay (or am I just meandering aimlessly from one point to another)? Has my essay got a conclusion?
Is my essay focused on analysing my chosen piece of marketing communication or have I spent
too much time talking about tangential, even superfluous, points or giving useless background information?
Academic Framework (10 points) Have I included all my in-text citations in the references list at the
end? Have I used Harvard style citations and references consistently throughout the essay (web page, that you will be talking
about (as I have done in the example essay).
a? If you want me to look at the essay as you are drafting it, then you need to come along to my office
hours. I will happily look at the your draft once before you hand it in. I will not look at drafts in the
final week of the semester. You can, of course, ask me general questions about the essay via email.
a? Please be very careful of using websites as a?academica sources to back up your arguments in the essay.

Added on 01.12.2014 19:30
This is an example essay and the advertisement should be watched first before you write it,i think. 😉 You can just watch it on youtube.