Nalysis of the Allegory Of The Cave, Delphic Quest, and Aristotles On The Soul

Western philosophy has been from its outset a reflection on knowledge. Socrates in his apology, Plato in his myths, analogies and allegories and finally Aristotle in his book on the soul present us three first decisive steps of this reflection.

The essay should discuss the topic of knowledge through

1) An analysis of the allegory of the cave (Republic 514a 520a)
2) An analysis about the Delphic quest (Apology, 24b  34b)
And through
3) An analysis of relevant passages out of Aristotle s On the Soul


Book: Delphic quest (Apology, 24b  34b)
Five Dialogues
Second Edition
ISBN-13: 978-0-87220-633-5


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