Nalysis of the Application of Information Technology Supply Chain Management to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Main Research Aim & Research Objectives

Main Research Aim

Owing to the structural shifts of economy after the financial crisis of 2008, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) should consider crucial elements to overcome the fierce competition in the business environment. (Add Reference Here)

So, the aim of this research is going to investigates and identify the applications of information technology supply chain management and its benefits to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Research Objectives

The Objective of the researches is to find out the contribution of e business applications for SMEs to new economy business and the objectives are as below:
Objective 1. To define and analyze the information technology in supply chain management.
To indentify the relationship between supply chain management and SMEs
Assess the differences whether SMEs utilize the operation with using the Information technology.

Objective 2. To evaluate the contribution of information technology application for SMEs in total supply chain management.

Objective 3. Recommend measures for the future development of information technology supply chains and its impact on manufacturers, logistics services provider and trading firms.


Research Strategy

A wide range of literatures will be used in this research project, so an exploratory approach to research will be conducted as employing multi methods to obtain a range of secondary data, enabling the reinforcement of conclusion drawn.

Secondary Research

As a purpose to obtain a comprehensive and common understanding of the study area, so an extensive review of secondary literature will be taken.
The findings of secondary research will initially concentrating on supply chain management theories, contribution of information technology to business and how this applied to Small and Medium enterprise (SMEs).