Nalysis of the Case Tom F. V. Board of Education”

According the IDEA, the law allows  free appropriate public education for children with disabilities but also allows families to seek public financing of private school, if the family can show the school cannot give adequate education of their child. Recently a case Board of Educ. of the City of New York v. Tom F has been brought to the courts and has won their case that one does not have to go through the public school system first to show that the education will be inadequate. Please explore the IDEA of 2004, and this case, the opposition of a judgment like this and proponents of a judgment like this. Show the implications that this decision might bring in the future, and explore similar decisions made in the past.

If the author feels unclear about any part of this paper please feel free to ask for clarification. Also, the author must follow a research log which I have provided a template and example of. I have also attached a file with further clarification of the expectations and focus of research in a word file. Thank you.