Nalysis of the claims made in the article regarding the paleolithic cave art in europe

The link to the article to be analyzed is : brutish-you-have-to-hand-it-to-the-neanderthals-after-all-7851865.html

Instructions for the research paper:

Summary: All students are required to write a research paper in which they will select a recent article or
news report on a new claim (reported on in the past six months) about the past involving archaeology and
do additional research to help them evaluate the claims made in the article. The claim made in the article
(either by the articles author or the researcher being cited) should be something that changes our view of
the past in some significant way. Claims of simple discoveries are not sufficient for the analysis required.
This assignment requires original library research. The paper must be at least 6 pages in length (not
including bibliography), contain at least six additional, scholarly references beyond course readings.
Objective: After completing this assignment, you will have learned about a new discovery and/or
interpretation in archaeology, and through a combination of additional research and the application of class
concepts, produce a critical analysis of the claims made in the article you have chosen.
The paper
should include the following in its discussion of the news articles subject matter:
1) A summary of the content of the news article, its relevance to our understanding of the past and
human history, and why you selected it (similar to your proposal, but perhaps expanded and
2) What you learned from your additional research into the topic of the news article, and how you
apply it and class concepts to your analysis of the news article and its claims
3) An analysis of the claims in the news article, and whether they seem scientific or pseudoscientific
and why (again applying class concepts in the discussion)
4) A reflection on how your additional research/reading affected your views of the claims in the article,
the culture, region, period, or issue it discusses, and archaeology and the study of the past in
5) A non-annotated bibliography at the end of the paper (with sources listed alphabetically by author
last name), and in-text citations throughout paper (preferably in AAA style).