Nalysis of the Document Processes Industry And financial services Industry in Canada…

Company: Xerox (1-2 pages)
Analysis of CANADIAN market and Xerox competitors such as Dell, HP and Lexmark

Provide a description of the document processes industrya including the size of the CANADIAN market, growth rate, major competing companies (direct or indirect) and key prospects, as well as any other information you consider important. Competitors may be direct, that is manufacturing the same type of product, or indirect, that is, manufacturing a substitute product that fulfills the same need. At least THREE competitors must be identified and profiled.

Industry data may be shown in tables and exhibits (not part of the page maximum), but the significance of the information must be discussed in the body of the main report. Place a copy of all material used for reference in a separate numbered appendix, including web pages, articles from trade magazines, the popular press, and printouts of reports from databases. Depending on the product category and the industry,you may find PMB, Datamonitor and Hooveras useful for this section.

The Financial Services Industry (~1 page)

Briefly describe the financial services industry in Canada (size, competitors, segments, market leaders, etc.).