Nalysis of the film Children of Invention”

Please write 3 full pages without including a page of citation.
It is basically a Film responseproject of watching Children of Invetionby Tze Chun

The purpose of the assignment is to reflect critically on the film we watch in class and to offer a thoughtful and analytical response. You are free to approach this film response in the following ways:
1. Close-read the film on its own terms, possibly relating your analysis to a theme from the course
2. Directly relate the film to the novesl weve read (Narrative Speakerby Chang rae Lee and Love Wifeby Gish Jen)
3. Reflect on whether the film as made you think about certain social or political issues, other films youve watched, or your own experiences

Regardless of the approach you take for this paper, make sure that your response does treat the film as its CENTRAL object. Engage with the film , citing or describing certain parts that help you substantiate your dieas. In other words, I dont want to see you launch into a personal narrative that only tangentially mentions the film.

This assignemtn does not requires one unifying argument for your analysis, but make sure that your ideas are organized in a logical way.