Nalysis of the FTAA Case Study and the FTAA after Actions Reports

This essay should go beyond the obvious and be written at a graduate level. This paper
must be no less than 1,200 words and no more than 2,500 words; Any sources including but not limited to journals, magazines, and or books must be properly cited using APA STYLE. This essay must include a TITLE PAGE WITH NUMBERED PAGES AND RUNNING HEAD; it must also include an ABSTRACT PAGE WITH KEY WORDS

Put yourself in the place of Major Warren as he reviews the relevant after action reports associated with the FTAA in Miami Fla, in 2003. Analyze the FTAA case studies provided in this case study as well as the city of Miami PD after action report, the city of Miami civilian investigative pane report on the free trade area of the Americas Summit Report, the FTAA Independent review panel
These reports provide different perspectives of the FTAA event from different agencies and organizations

This case analysis must follow the following steps:
Identify the key issue or issues
Identify the likely root causes of the issues or problems
Determine the viable solutions to address or resolve the issues
Assess the likely ramifications of all your suggested solutions (consider the cost risk and benefits of each course of action)
State your final POLICYrecommendations to the county manager and to the Board of County Commissioners.