Nalysis of the government institutions, society, political system of Greece,

i ” i History/Background
o What kind of state is this?
i §i Authoritarian
a? Electoral Authoritarianism?
a? One-party Rule?
a? Personal Rule?
a? Military Rule?

i §i Democratic a? Weak or Strong?
a? Electoral Democracy?
a? Social Democracy?
a? Market Democracy?
a? Christian Democracy?

a? The State
o Institutions of Government
i §i Legislature
i i i §i Executive & Bureaucracy
i i i i §i Judiciary
i i i i i §i Military

a? State & Society
o Political Participation
i §i Political Parties
i i i §i Interest Groups
i i i i §i Other options/relevant means of participatinga¦

a? Political Culture
o Make-up of society
i i §i Ethnic groups?
i i §i National movements?
i i §i Religious groups?

o Is the society stable? Is there lots of unrest?

a? Political Economy
o What is the relationship between the state and the market?
i §i Mixed Economic System?
i i i §i Centrally Planned Economy?
you should address the main theme of the course in your Case Study: How do states and political institutions affect citizensa quality of life?
o This means you should plan to incorporate and address all four components of the Capabilities Approach into your case study.
o Does your country qualify as a a?Good Society,a? according to the criteria of the Capabilities Approach? Do you agree that it is or is not, in fact, a a?Good Society?a?