Nalysis of the GTD database On A Topic You Selected

Please write an undergraduate level report paper after analyzing a database with R. Codes from the lectures are preferred, but dont limit to them. Here is the link to the reference page: tables shown. Note that the in the Project Guideline, it states that we should Perform a large data analysis using the tools we have learned in class”. Note that in the official guideline, it says we should perform a large data analysis using the tools that you have learned in classTools learned in classare actually R codes, which are included in the Lecture Codesfolder. They should be opened with R”. Additionally, Ris the only Analyzing tool we can use. The topic Analysis of Terrorism On A Topic You Selectedmeans you can explore the database GTDin the direction you choose. For example, some students chose Terrorism And Fuel Market”, and some chose Aerial Terrorism”.That means you need to select the data you need from the database. If you cannot decide the topic, please explore the topicAerial TerrorismI attached the paper I did, which I believe is terrible. You can redo the projection in my direction. Thank you very much ^ ^.