Nalysis of the Immaturity surrounding Romeo and Juliet

I am looking for 6 pages of text, plus a page with a reference list. As for how many secondary sources you need, I cant really say. If they are short, four or five. If they are complete books you are reading, a couple. Read until you think you can focus your own ideas and place them in the larger scholarly context. Emphasis is on your thinking, not on the ideas of the other critics you read. They should play a minor role in the development of your argument.
I think focusing on the immaturity of Romeo & Juliet would be a great paper. It is not normal for Shakespeare to write tragedies with young heroes and heroines. So your exploring why you think he did it in this play and what effects it had could be very interesting. OKay, I liked Romeo and Juliet, the poetry was really pretty and it was upsetting that fate had such ironic twists for the characters . Although I wounder why shakespeare picked such young teenagers to go through all those complex feelings of falling in love and then not being able to be together and the suicide. Did shakespeare do that on purpose? Intentionally pick young immature teenagers to fall in love? Could they have been older and still of rival families that couldnt be together, or would they have not ended up dead at the end if they had more maturity and experience on their side.
If you can do a paper with these kinds of arguments and questions explored in depth that would be just what I need!
Thank you so much! I was really pleased with the last paper I got from here. Such wonderful writers!!!!