Nalysis of the Literary Qualities of The Rooftop Dwellers”

In Anita Desai s  The Rooftop Dwellers, the character of Moyna tries to establish control over her own identity. There are social, economic, and familial impediments to her free movement through society, and she seems further hampered by her seeming passivity in the face of some challenges. Write an essay that charts some of these obstacles and Moyna s response to the challenges she faces. Do you feel that she makes personal progress on her way through the urban environment in which she resides? Does she have models for her identity? If there is a pivotal moment that shows her transformation, or indicates that she will succeed? Can you identify that moment and suggest why it is so important?
History and social settings are important but the primary focus should be on imagery, metaphors, allegory, authorial strategies of inclusion and omission, point of view, voice, etc.