Nalysis of the Marketing Communications Campaign of your favourite athletic shoe brand

Planning an Integrated marketing Communications Campaign involves a number of steps such as: identifying target audiences, analysing the situation, setting marketing communications objectives, developing strategies and tactics, setting a budget and finally evaluating the effectiveness of the campaign. The steps and their priority depend on the perceptions and justification of each author/researcher. You are asked to develop your own a model:

1/ create a model that visualises the steps for a consumer integrated marketing communications campaign, showing what factors influence each step. You are required to use relevant theoretical literature (journals papers, books, book chapters) in order to justify your suggestions. After developing your theoretical model,

2/ apply the model to your favourite athletic shoe brand. Use secondary research to find out information about the brand, your own personal experience and knowledge of the brand in order to explain how the brandas marketing communication programme works. Write up your analysis and use your model to explain your analysis.

The assignment represents 100% of the assessment for the module, i.e. if you fail the assignment you will fail the module. The word limit is 3000 words (Times New Roman 12font, single spaced).
You are allowed to include a reasonable amount of relevant supporting material in the appendix. If you exceed the above limit you will be penalised by receiving a lower grade.

You will be assessed on the following:
a) The depth and relevance of your research demonstrated through the literature review and suggestions
b) Your analytical skills demonstrated through the literature review and suggestions
c) Your objectivity in identifying problems and limitations demonstrated throughout the report
d) Your ability to structure the report in a logical and concise way demonstrated through the presentational style and use of professional English.