Nalysis of the marketing strategy of economy chain hotel industry: based on a UK hotel chain case study


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Guidelines for what would be expected from a project at each particular level

70 100 The project is well structured and communicated. It is coherent and shows an excellent level of synthesis or evaluation with clear signs of originality and insight. Has read extensively beyond the immediately relevant reading.

For a mark of 80+ the project should be of sufficient standard to make a contribution to the wider academic world.

60 i?? 69 The project has relevant aims and objectives and an appropriate research design. Clear evidence of independent inquiry and critical judgement in selecting, ordering, analysing and synthesising. Has read the immediately relevant literature and to a limited extent beyond.

50 i?? 59 Aims and objectives set out. Some appropriate theory plus an attempt at analysis but with basic linkage between theory and analysis. Has read the immediately relevant literature.