Nalysis of the news coverage of the Summersa controversy.

Harvard President Larry Summers went to a conference on gender and science, and claimed that the reason that there were so few good women in science might be an innate inability of women to do math. The speech fueled a controversy that was covered extensively in the media. Using the concept of news frames, analyze the newspaper coverage of the controversy, comparing it to the content of the speech. Consider the importance of math to Summersa argument, the evidence Summers uses in the speech to make his points, the role of nature and culture in gender formation, and news coverage of the controversy. To what extent did the media create the controversy or report on it? In what ways did reporters substantiate their a?factsa?? How did the news reports shape the debate with media frames? What can the historical record tell us about womenas abilities in math and science? How did Summers engage (or not) the literature on gender and math/science? How were his views shaped by labor force issues at Harvard? To what extent can labor force issues serve as data about gender essentialism?

you must cite from these two books to support your idea.
Londa Schiebinger, The Mind Has No Sex? Harvard 1991
a? David & Myra Sadker and Karen Zittleman, Still Failing at Fairness. Scribner, 2009

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