Nalysis of the poem Do not go gentle into that good night By Dylan Thomas

Analysis of a Poem: Find a poem on the internet that you want to write about. You can use any resource that you want, as long as you include a Work Cited entry in MLA style that will clearly lead your readers to that poem. We have two poetry sites posted in the class: and The Poetry Foundation. They are two excellent sources to find thousands of poems.

Take the time to make a careful selection, because you will be writing an essay of at least 600 words, analyzing this poem. You can use the tools of analysis that youve already practiced through short stories, or the critical approaches like biographical, or psychological, etc. You can also use any of the tools and terms youre taking a look at this week.

When you quote passages from a poem, use the line numbers for documentation, and put a slash / where the line breaks are supposed to be. The title of a poem goes in quotation marks. We will peer review these rough drafts next week.