Nalysis of the Present and the Future Based on History

Parag Khanna, The Second World
Joel Kotkin, The Next Hundred Million

Write a 2 page + review of what you found most interesting in these books. Comment on who the authors are, their occupations, and the main arguments and themes presented in each book

Both of these book have been published quite recently, and each prsents a good example of how history can be used to provide a framework for understanding present condition in the world, in the case of the Khanna book, and also predict the future for the United States, as in the Kotkin book.

In one sense these books contradict each other, in that one (Khanna) argues that the United States is in decline as a World power, and the other (Kotkin) argues that the United States can maintain its preeminent postion in the world, although not necessarily as a global military power. Kotkin is more optimistic in the future of the social order in the United States, and is less concerned with global military and economic pretensions.

Read these books as thoroughly as you can they describe your World and nation.