Nalysis of the Role of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

APA 6th Edition–1 page each section (23 sentences each), 2 references for each section need to be used
Articles have to be 5 years old only , peer reviewed, mandatory of 5 peer reviewed and rest can be just articles or websites that obviously is cited and referenced
Need Introduction and conclusion paragraph
Each section has to have introduction sentence and conclusion sentence for each section
All issues stated in parenthesis have to be different issue for that topic in section
9 Sections: The sections are Heading 1 only for APA 6th edition
I: Background-idenify role,-background historywhat are educational, practice, and certification requirements
II: Issues and Challenges–explain professional issues/challenges inherent in CRNAs(have to explain at least 3 issues/challenges)
III: Philosophy of Nursing–how congruent would CRNAs be with a philosophy of holistic, focused from health perspective, and client centered and Why or why not.
IV: Caring–how would concept of Caringincorporated with CRNAs role(explain in 3 ways)
V. Ethical Issues ethical issues CRNAs face (explain 3 issues)
VI: Legal Implications legal implications for CRNAs (explain 3 issues)
VII: Cultural CompetenceCRNAs encounter with cultural competence (explain 3 issues)
VIII: Health Care Delivery–CRNAs improve delivery of health care for clients i.e.: affordable health care and other ways (need 3 ways)
IX: Professional Goals–how has BSN nursing programs assist in achieving the goal to become a CRNA?