Nalysis of the strategic situation of ARM Holdings”, the producer of Microprocessors

The assignment should be written up as a MANAGEMENT REPORT, not an academic essay. Section 6 of this Module Handbook contains guidance on how to structure a management report. The marking scheme will be as follows:
Analysis of the organisationas business environment and of *industry survival and success factors: 30%
*Analysis of the organisationas strategy: 30%
*Critical appraisal of the strategy: 20%
*Presentation: 10%
Please remember that you are writing a business report and not an academic essay, and that you are writing it for a busy and intelligent manager ( MORE EXPLANATION TO BE UPLOADED INSIDE )

Nalysis of the strategic situation of ARM Holdings, the producer of microprocessors

This coursework must be written as a management report, not an academic essay and inludes 3 parts:

1) Analysis of the organisations business environment and of industry survival and success factors (use PESTLE, Porter forces, industry life cycle), this part is about the INDUSTRY not the firm

2) Analysis of the organisations strategy (use scale and scope, synergie; positioning, differentiation/competitive stance, value chain, strategic resources)
Conclusions can be supported with quantitaive datas and financial ratios

3) Critical appraisal of the strategy (bring the two previous elements together to access the sustainability of the firms competitive advantage in the future, is it unique, will it be unique in 5 years time, can it be imitated, is it environmentally sustainable... If not, what do you recommend to help make it sustainable ?
Also compare the firms strategy with the industry survival and success factors, draw suitable conclusions).

Theory must be APPLIED (not reproduced).

Do we need to define models and say what they are for and who developed them? No. This is one of the differences between a report (which is what you are doing) and an essay (which you are not doing). If you use the theory/model correctly, then that is sufficient evidence that you understand what it is for.

Are we doing the firm or the industry? There are 30 marks for analysing the industry and 50 for analysing and critiquing the firmas strategy. You MUST do BOTH.

How do we fit this into 2,000 words. In a word prioritise!! You need to show that you can do every part of a strategy analysis but you will not be able to write everything about everything.

Dont spend too many words on the PESTLE although you could quite easily use 2000 words for this alone. Remember, you need to analyse the Porter forces for the industry a this is more important for a good mark than the PESTLE is. And then examine ARMs strategy.

Can we use the Economist article in our research? Yes, of course a why else would we give it to you? But if thatas ALL you use, then you have a problem.

Is ARM in the semiconductor or microprocessor industry? Yes, it is.

Microprocessors are a type of semiconductor. You should decide for yourself which of these ways of formulating the industry gives the better results. Either decision is OK as long as the analysis is sound.

Should we look at the PC industry or the mobile telephone industry? From the point of view of ARM and its competitors, PCs and mobile phones are not industries, they are markets into which they sell products. It would be unwise for you to overlook any major market in your analysis of ARMas competitive stance.

Is ARM a designer or a manufacturer? Thats an interesting question.
ARM is a designer (sell licenses) whereas INTEL is a manufacturer.

Compared to Intel, ARM limits its in-house activities. But you are likely to gain better insights if you treat ARM (plus its Ecosphere”) as a competitor to Intel, in all stages of the microprocessor value chain. You can then use the value chain framework to compare ARMs business model (doing some things in house and others through partners) with Intels. Which business model is better suited to the emerging business environment?

Book : strategic management, theory and applicaton, Adrian Haberberg & Alison Rieple


Use at least 12 separate articles from at least 6 different newspapers or journals, sources must be recent (no more than two years old) and relevant (not wilkipedia, yahoo finance...)

Coursework strictly limited to 2000 words.